2nd Jan 2011, 3:24 AM quality upgrade!

The old computer I hooked up to replace the semi-new computer that died has finally given up the ghost after six years of faithful service, so now I have an absolutely spanking-new, custom-built PC on which to do colour four-panels on.

Yes, colour four-panels! The week's comic came a little late this time because I was busy fixing stuff and getting distracted by the PS3 -- you can't blame me for that, it's my first game console ever -- and not because they took that much time, really, which was surprising. If this arc finishes to satisfaction colour might be the way to go for the rest of this comic's eternity. Also the new screen's colour settings look a bit more standard than my old one, so I will no longer need to second-guess how it looks like on other people's eyeballs. 

I heart.

Okay, on to the next comic.



27th Nov 2010, 9:42 AM Happy birthday!

Next week is Ets' birthday -- soon she will be 21! 




17th Oct 2010, 3:42 AM zen is dead


The latest in a string of disasters – my com crashed. I’ve been going on one-week disappearances so long that I feel that I must emphasise that most of it was unprecedented (this lady doth protest too much). Nonetheless, there must be another hiatus because I am swamped with work. Being sick twice in September, considering the nature of the modules I’m taking this semester and my morning-to-night timetable – and now, a truckload of things to redo from what I’ve lost in the crash –

Do bear with us in the meantime. There’ll still be interesting things up on the following Saturdays, except that they won't be about the main storyline -- till the end of November at most. We hope to make it worth your while.



25th Sep 2010, 5:07 PM Here comes a new layout

25 Sep 2010
by ets-et-zen

Hello everyone!

This week’s comic marks the end of the ‘Introduction’ chapter. For those who don’t understand the ‘story’ at the moment, there isn’t actually a story – yet – but there’ll be coherent arcs with plot development once the pieces are in place. There should be a full-page colour comic or a character illustration every once in a while, most likely in between arcs, though zen might smush one in randomly if she is feeling extravagant (and has time). Keep an eye out for us!

This is also a good time to say thank you to everyone who’s been following our comic. So far we only have a meagre five strips, but we plan to keep at it for as long as lolita survives. Thank you especially those who have commented on our comic and advertised about us to your friends or on your blogs. We're overwhelmed and chuffed by the number of positive messages you've left, and if we don’t really respond to the comments, it’s because we don’t really know how to repeat our chuffedness to every person without feeling the danger of its turning into a routine. But every positive response or suggestion raises the chuffed meter by +1 and puts a warm little flake of cigarette ash into our Minty hearts. Please don’t think you’ve been ignored! We love you back!


P.S. We have a Facebook 'like' button up! Look for it near the top of the page – the front page is brimming with colour today.

7th Sep 2010, 11:27 PM And on that note

8 September 2010
by zen

If comic #003 seems a little obscure, it'd be because it needs to be understood instinctively. But the main thrust of our point does concern our need to constantly shape, confine, and re-illustrate an aesthetic with simple definitions that gives interested onlookers an opening into our world, or identity-seekers a foothold into what eventually becomes a coherent community.

It's a necessary movement (we're verbal creatures, after all, and social animals at that) but it's particularly challenging when the boundaries of what 'lolita' is changes so rapidly -- almost every season, it seems, as new trends gain ground. Definitions of what 'lolita' is (or isn't) emerge from what is essentially a constellation of opinions that can be sometimes… mutually exclusive. That's when the fighting begins, and suddenly loli isn't fun any more.

And here we are making cute little comics on the one hand and shooting our mouths off on the other -- but suddenly I'm reminded of what Matisse said, that artists must begin by cutting out their tongues.

Hang the code, hang the rules. They're more like guidelines anyway.

Hearts and shinies.