Why did you start a webcomic?

For free laughs, to write what we know, to have fun for fun's sake and to spread some knowledge and love for loli fashion!



Will you truly, honest-to-goodness, pinky-swear, update every week?

zen has answered that question here. Thanks for asking!



Who are ets and zen?

You could refer to our ComicFury profile or author bio page -- it's essentially the same information, but the former is a little tidier.



No, seriously, who are ets-et-zen?

zen makes beautiful art. ets plans the plans, blogs, and writes whatever needs writing. She also uploads stuff. Everything posted to our comic website is vetted by the other party before it is posted online. Responses to comments and the like on EGL are not. ets also fields enraged spectators when zen wanders off to hermit.


We write the strips together hunkered over ets' laptop. It's the most fun part of the whole process. A joke only has the potential to be funny if it makes both of us laugh!



How might I contact you?

You can PM us on comicfury or on Livejournal. Our livejournal usernames are etsplanations and zhenteng.



What is lolita?

The subject of our comic! ets has elaborated on this in some small detail in the second blog post, though there are many better authors on the topic. We hope that you'll learn the answer to that question (if you don't already!) just by enjoying our comic as it is.



I love your comic! How can I spread the word? Will you mind if I link your comic on Facebook?

Thank you so much! We love you too. You could link us on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn (etc.), or talk about us to your friends, share the joke with the concerned family member wondering why you're snickering at the screen, or exclaim about us to random strangers on the bus. (There's no need to ask us for permission even if you use our comics on your Powerpoint slides, so long as you credit us for it!)


IRL banners are currently in the works, and we plan to release coloured avatars of our characters as well. Finally, we plan to set up a Facebook page (and perhaps a character Twitter account, at a much later date), and will update the comic blog and this page with the changes when that happens.



What do you girls wear? We want pictures!

zen throws out force fields that prevent her from being captured in video or photography. ets adores classic loli, though she has a more-than-occasional weakness for gothic items and AatP prints.



Are the characters modelled after ets-et-zen, or other real people?

As far as all main characters are concerned, no and no.



Might I have a cameo in the comic?

If you ask and we agree, prepare to see your face surface somewhere strange.



Does zen take commissions?

Not at the moment.



I have a really funny joke that you could use for your comic! Will you draw it for me?

If we really like it, yes -- but you may or may not receive as much credit for the idea as you might like, since we take inspiration from everywhere. Basically, you surrender your copyright to that idea, so do bear that in mind before you ask!



Should you both go on hiatus, will you be accepting or posting guest comics?

Starting next year, perhaps - email us at  to ask.



Do you intend to sell these comics or related merchandise in the future?

Yes, but we haven't really ironed out an action plan. Don't worry, our comics will always be free on the web -- but if you would like to support us, we do intend to print out copies (with exclusive stories and art) as well! Give us a poke to hurry us along if you feel a dire need for Hazel plushies in your life.



We'd love to feed you cake. How might we feed you cake?

We currently do not have a donation box, but if you happen to be in Singapore, do get in touch!

If the cake is a lie, we will be very sad.



Will you be uploading more FAQs?

Yes, definitely.

If you might have any other questions for us, we can be reached at . Thanks for reading!